Music is magic! I can listen to it all day and it always seems to lift me up! How do you get your daily dose?

21 Mar

Learning limitations..

6 Mar

I find this past week has been a hectic week in balancing parenting, being a student, and all other activities. I found I had a bit too much on my plate and was forced to downsize my load. I really struggled with it because I do find I try to be that “supermom” my kids tend to think I am. I realized I was carrying too many credits and didn’t feel I was giving all my classes the required amount of time they deserved. I am a mother first and foremost importantly my children are my everything. It’s funny how letting go of one class can feel like such a release. I realized my kids were going through a lot at school and really needed that extra time from me. So today was a day of getting them more on task. We are doing lots of reading, talking, and tutoring. I found they really enjoyed this start of a new routine. Don’t get me wrong, some of these were easier than others and I sure will take time to get more into. I have no worries with their reading, seeing we are major book-worms. Then talking, my kids love to talk so no issues there. My daughter loves her tutor and hopes to move up a grade in math. My second grader is getting prepped for his first year of CST testing and his tutoring is directed in that area. I get the fun in tutoring my kindergartener. It’s amazing how strong of a reader he is, but how much he despises writing a sentence. Another reminder why I didn’t choose teaching elementary in my career goal. I will do all I can to help my children do the best they can. I truly feel, if I have confidence in them it will help them feel more confident in all they do.

Finding my center.

28 Feb


I have no crazy expectations of my life ever being boring. I like to call my home “organized chaos”. The reality is I don’t get excited when my home is quiet, I worry what kind of trouble my children are getting into. I hope to at least feel like this at the end of the day. Namaste.

Let’s Do This! Blogging…

28 Feb

So this is a new thing for me. I have somewhat had an interest in blogging, but it can seem a bit intimidating. So, a little about myself to start. I am a busy mom/wife/student and find I wear many hats. My three children like to call me “supermom”, but I think coming from a home with a strong mother figure its just what we do. My oldest is in her first year of middle school, and my boys are both in elementary grades K and 2. I spend most my days in classes or working on classes online and doing many daily mom/wife duties. I am the nanny, housekeeper, driver, cook, accountant, and pretty much anything else you can think of in my home~ minus the handyman, my husband has that hands down. I am PTA treasurer at my boys school this year which is a big mess that I am trying to organize for my own OCD reasons and for next treasurers to come after. My daughter also keeps me on my toes with her tech academy work, and choir performances. I fear the day I put them in extracurricular activities (which they are asking). Who am I kidding? My life is crazy busy and I love it! So it brings me to what I enjoy outside of my “home” life. I love being out in nature, used to hike often, miss it, plan to get back on it as soon as possible. I like trying new things whether it be yoga, bikram spinning (yes, this was feakin’ intense), new foods, good wine, and new adventures. I love Jane Austen movies, reading many book series, writing poetry, and singing ~ love MUSIC, we are a music loving family! So that’s me, hope to learn more about people and share some of my multi-tasking mom/wife/student ideas.

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